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Andreas Angelides Ltd was founded in 1944 by Mr. Andreas Angelides, the current chairman of the company. The chairman's vision was "to offer the consumer high quality furniture with the best service possible".

The operations of the firm were based both in retailing as well as manufacturing and in 1972 the company has developed one of the biggest furniture manufacturing plants just outside Nicosia; which was unfortunately captured after the Turkish invasion two years later, in 1974.

Despite the huge catastrophe in 1974, the company strives to accomplish its mission and both its retailing as well as manufacturing operations moved to the Engomi Industrial Area, where the current showroom is situated today. At the same time the company started importing more furniture from Italy and other European countries like Denmark, as a means of offering innovative, elegant and good quality furniture to the Cypriot consumer.It was the First company at the time which imported furniture to Cyprus!

''high quality furniture with the best service possible"

1963 no2.jpg

The first premises of the company way back in 1963

In 1989 a new factory was developed in Ergates Industrial area and all manufacturing operations have moved to this new plant. The company succeeded in exporting its products to major european countries such a Paris and London.

Today, due to the rapidly changing business environment, the company's imports increased drastically. In order to be able to lead the competition, in 2003 the company's showroom premises have undergone a major renovation in order to be able to offer the best possible shopping experience to its customers.

With an exhibiting space of 4,500 sq. meters, spread in 3 floors, Andreas Angelides is probably the biggest furniture showroom in Cyprus, offering all the range of household furniture from modern to classic style and the equivalent accessories.

Quality and value for money are the key elements for which the management pays considerable attention to, as this was, still is the Chairman's vision. On top of that, the 75 years of experience in the furniture business are the key elements which make Andreas Angelides Ltd the leading furniture retailer in Cyprus.

"quality and value for money"

"70 years of experience"

Interior images from our showroom in Nicosia

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